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Accept Interac e-Transfer at checkout to boost conversions and lower costs.

Why should you choose Interac e-Transfer?

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More sales

It's a snap to gain new customers and more transactions with Interac e-Transfer®. 56% of shoppers have abandoned their cart because of payment related friction as per a survey carried out by the Leger Group. Minimize this friction by offering choice with Canada's favourite payment method.

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Low fees

High credit card and Buy-Now-Pay-Later fees keeping you up at night? DirectPay is one of the lowest cost payment methods out there with savings of 38%+ and more. Don’t believe us? See how we compare.

Easy setup

Adding Interac e-Transfer® to your eCommerce checkout page is a breeze! Sign up takes minutes and it's free to get started. Shopify is built-in, and other platforms are supported through simple API integrations.

No risk

No risk

Customer payments are secured in real-time with no chargebacks. Try for free and cancel at any time. 100% risk free guarantee. Want some additional marketing support? We’ve got you covered!

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Seamless payment experience


Your customer simply needs to:

  1. Add items to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  2. Select ‘Interac e-Transfer’ as the payment method. Follow the prompts to complete the payment.
  3. Choose their bank and confirm the purchase using their secure banking credentials.
  4. They are redirected back to the order now showing it as paid and complete. Now they just have to wait for their order to arrive!

Payment preferences by customer segments

The key takeaway is simple: the more payment options you offer, the more shoppers you’ll convert into customers. It’s especially important to consider what online payment method the people you’re targeting prefer.

Gen Z: Digital Natives

Having grown up with smartphones, these influencers don’t carry a wallet and don’t want physical cards. They’re also the most price-conscious group. Read more.

Payment preferences

Digital Wallets, Interac e-Transfer/Pay by Bank

Zoomers: Older Gen-Z

These not-quite digital natives are known for being attached to their smartphones. Early in their careers, they want to feel in control of their finances.

Payment preferences

Digital Wallets, Interac e-Transfer/Pay by Bank

Millennials and Gen X: Super Savvy

These generations are straddling the physical and digital payment worlds. They tend to have two or more bank accounts, and they like rewards such as cash-back and points.

Payment preferences

Credit Card, Buy-Now-Pay-Later Plans, Interac e-Transfer/Pay by Bank, Mobile Wallets

New Canadians and Expats

Often coming from countries that use bank payments for online purchases, these shoppers have bank accounts and prefer e-transfers.

Payment preferences

Interac e-Transfer®/Pay by Bank, Credit Card

Frequently asked questions

Is there a transaction limit to the size of a payment a customer can complete?

Yes, in most cases the maximum value for a DirectPay order is $3,000. This is the most common limit set by Canadian banks. Shoppers can contact their bank to change their limit. Some merchants may want to set higher or lower limits.

How do I request a refund for a payment?

Refunds are approved and initiated by the merchant, the same as with any other payment method. DirectPay will process refund requests that you approve and communicate to us. We will send the funds to your customer's bank account using Interac e-Transfer.

Where can I see my DirectPay transaction history?

You can view your DirectPay transactions for any given time period in the DirectPay Partner Portal. You can also export transactions in CSV format to help you reconcile.

Don’t see your question here?

Don’t worry, check out the Help Centre or write to us at

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