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A man making international payments with an option of different currencies

The best way remittance companies can lower costs and enhance customer experience

Remittances are a crucial service for many families with households depending on the regular transfer of money back home. The industry has seen a recent lift from pandemic times and a reversal of the ...

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A group of Gen Z and Millennials browsing on their phone

Payment solutions for Millennials and Generation Z

It is no secret that Gen Z and Millennials are shaping the way we pay online in Canada. From Interac e-Transfer®, Buy Now Pay Later options (installment plans), and digital wallets, all the way to ...

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Shopify App Store image with Interac e-Transfer with DirectPay

How To Add Interac e-Transfer on Shopify

Setting up your ecommerce business on Shopify equips you with helpful apps that can boost sales. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the latest addition to the Shopify App Store: the ability ...

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Group of Gen Z's posing together for selfie

Shopify Tips: Best Online Payment Methods for 2022

The payments universe has been growing exponentially. New forms of payment methods such as buy now pay later schemes (Klarna, PayBright), mobile or digital wallets (PayPal, Apple Pay) or direct bank ...

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Person shopping online with their mobile phone

How to increase sales through optimized checkout experience

As e-commerce surges, retailers like you are trying to increase sales in a fiercely competitive market. And, just like you, they’re asking themselves: How do I increase basket size? Is there any way ...

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 Evaluate payment methods

Why a customer’s financial health is important to a merchant

Financial stress is now recognized as a mainstream issue and one of Canada’s biggest social problems.1 Regardless of income and upbringing, this type of stress can negatively impact mental and ...

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eCommerce sales

8 tips to tackle the ballooning costs of e-commerce

Around the globe, and to no surprise of the average consumer, the e-commerce environment has grown in popularity and preference. Locally, e-commerce payment transactions totalled 477 million ...

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Easy online shopping

4 ways to improve your e-commerce purchase process

As payment preferences continue to shift away from cash, Canadian businesses are shifting resources and investing more heavily in their digital presence and online storefronts. For some ...

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