More Savings. Lower fees with Interac e-Transfer

Collect real-time payments without the expensive fees.

Real-time Bank Payments - without the hassle

Seamless and secure Interac e-Transfer® in just a few clicks

Enabled on your Xero invoices within minutes, and with no upfront fees

Get paid faster

Reduce late payments and take control of when and how you get paid. No chargebacks.

Every transaction accounted for

Automatic payment matching and reconciliation in Xero. Saves you time and money.

Keep more of what you earn

Lower fees than other payment options on Xero - 38% lower than credit card.

Reduce other costs

Automatic payment matching reduces overhead costs and processing time.

Learn how you can boost your business

How we compare against other payment methods


With Interac e-transfer via DirectPay you pay $1.50 (fixed) and 0.75% (variable fee) per transaction. This means you can lower your processing costs by over 60% on Xero if a customer opts for this.

Let's say you invoice your customer for $500. The typical transaction fee* would be:

$5.25 Interac e-Transfer with DirectPay

$13.55 Credit Cards

$14.80 Digital Wallets

*Actual savings and costs depend on your provider and rate plan.

Does your organization manage 100 or more Xero clients? 

Talk to our sales team for volume pricing

Setting up DirectPay with Xero

1. Get started

Find DirectPay on the Xero App Store or get started right away by going to DirectPay Partner Portal.

2. Sign up

Complete the quick online DirectPay Partner application using your Xero credentials.

3. Activate

Once approved, complete the final setup steps within the DirectPay Partner Portal.

How it works on Xero

1. Invoice your customer

Use a Branding Theme that includes DirectPay.

2. Get paid

When the customer goes to pay, they select DirectPay and are transferred to a secure DirectPay page.

3. Reconcile

Your invoice is marked paid in real-time. Payment and fees are automatically matched and reconciled in Xero.


DirectPay for Accountants and Bookkeepers


It’s a match worth talking about.

Create additional value for your customers by turning on DirectPay for them, and save administrative work along the way.

Already offering Interac e-Transfer? Think again.

How DirectPay differs from existing e-Transfer on Xero

Interac e-Transfer with DirectPay

Seamless 'Pay Now' integration on your invoice
No security question and answer, just accept the request
Automatic payment to invoice matching
Faster payment and fewer unpaid bills

Other implementations

Manual workarounds with additional messaging to customer
Time-consuming customer initiated transfer
High overhead with potential for errors
Additional admin, stress and effort to get paid

Get real-time payments on Xero. Let's talk.

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