Shopify payments can be confusing and expensive

Take back control of your checkout, and costs. Understand what each payment method has to offer and how they can make or break your online business.

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More Payment Options
More Conversions
More Revenue

When you run an online store, there’s always more you can do to grow your business. Updating product listings, managing fulfillment, keeping up with marketing, reviews and much, much more. It’s all important—so how do you prioritize the most effective activities?

If your top challenges include decreasing costs and increasing sales, here’s your answer:

Your number-one priority is to look at the payments you currently accept, and make sure they include your target shoppers’ top preferences.

You'll gain insights into:

Payment options through phone

Payment options on Shopify

Get an in-depth understanding of the top six online payment methods and how different shopper cohorts prefer different options.

Group of GenZ's

Shopper Demographics

Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers etc- Understand your target shopper behavior and how it impacts payment choices.

Various payment methods on Shopify

Payments cheat-sheet

A comparison of various payment methods basis their pros, cons, merchant fees, shopper preferences etc.

Interac e-Transfer® is available through DirectPay on Shopify

DirectPay, by Payment Source, is a payment solution that enables you to seamlessly integrate Interac e-Transfer® with your checkout process. Built by Payment Source, a leading Canadian alternate payment solution provider, DirectPay offers seamless integration, low transaction fees and payment guaranteed.

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