Stop your customers from abandoning their shopping cart in 4 easy ways.

Whether it’s combatting cart abandonment, reducing friction at checkout, or managing multiple integrations, enhancing the purchase experience for your consumers is critical and rewarding. Save lost revenue and get more revenue through some easy front-end changes and back-end developments.

  • 55% abandon cart due to payment related issues
  • 20% abandon their cart as they don’t want to share Credit Card details
  • 52% merchants feel they have lost business due to lack of payment options alone.

Maximize your checkout experience.

DirectPay, by Payment Source, is a payment solution that enables you to seamlessely integrate Interac e-Transfer with your checkout process. Built by Payment Source, a leading Canadian alternate payment solution provider, DirectPay offers seamless integration, low transaction fees and payment guaranteed. Interac e-Transfer® is exclusively available through DirectPay on Shopify.